MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet Management System

BC Hydro has been providing Material Safety Data Sheet Management System services since 1996. The BC Hydro system provides 24/7 service to the end user with quick and easy access to MSDSs via the internet using a web browser.

Access is provided to your MSDSs and reports direct from a link on your homepage. All MSDSs will be hosted on a BC Hydro server with state of the art technology providing high speed search capabilities.

The key features the BC Hydro MSDS Database Management System offers are as follows:

  1. •  7day/24hour online access to your organization specific website
  2. •  unlimited access to all staff
  3. •  full administrator services including revising and updating your company's sheets
  4. •  qualified technical support
  5. •  manufacturer's originals in easy to read PDF format
  6. •  search capabilities provided using product name, product code, trade names, WHMIS Classification, stock #, manufacturer name and product use
  7. •  environmental and safety notes can be added to MSDS records where required
  8. •  workplace labels are also available
  9. •  location binding to 5 levels

To find out more about these and other features please contact Noel Slaney at 604-528-3292 or via email
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