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We have provided a list of sample products with the required search criteria listed for searching under each heading. This information is populated in the database for each MSDS.

Once you are in the main search screen click on the Help for full search instructions.

Choose the type of Search either by clicking on the appropriate tab or by selecting from the drop down menu (main search page). Enter the search criteria for your chosen "Search Type" (i.e. If you select Local # enter 12345 as your search criteria) and click the Search button.

Product CAS # Local # WHMIS Class

You can also choose to view the inventory of products by clicking on "Products at a Location" and selecting the area of interest.

Product Name: 3-In-One Motor Oil
Product Code: 571,01045
Trade Names: 3 In One, 3-In-1, 3In1, 3InOne, 571, 01045
Product Use: Lubricating Oil
CAS #s: 64741-88-4
Local File #: 12345
Manufacturer: Wd-40 Products

Product Name: 2000.00500 T5 XYLENE
Product Code: 57101045, 571,01045
Trade Names: Paint Thinners, T5, T-5
CAS #s: 100-41-4, 108-88-3, 1330-20-7, 71-43-2
Local File #: 12346
Manufacturer: ICI Paints North America

Product Name: Acetone
Product Code: 108001
Trade Names: Solvent
Product Use: Solvent
CAS #s: 67-64-1
Local File #: 12347
WHMIS Class: B2, D2B
Manufacturer: Canada Colors and Chemicals Ltd.
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